Friday, June 10, 2011

Wiers (the) Beach?

Due to the lovely (yet still unnamed) Termini bambina on the way, any plans for a short vacation this year have been put on hold. The plan prior to the surprise baby was that we would take the boys to Maine for a few days, see the Yorks Wild Animal Kingdom, hit the beach and perhaps finally bring the little nuts to Portland to meet some old friends. We were also going to try to celebrate *NEXT YEARS* 10 year wedding anniversary early by returning to Las Vegas (where we honeymooned in August 2002) for a weekend. Almost as quickly as they were made the plans were changed, no big deal really, instead of The Fabulous Las Vegas, our eight year old Pt Cruiser was replaced with this hot rod:

Our week in Maine has been replaced with day trips on the Thursday's that Jay has off.  Our first day trip of the "summer" was to Weirs Beach, located on the shores of Lake Winnipesaukee.  

The fun started around 10am when we arrived at the beach. The good time at the beach itself lasted only about an hour, as the boys were a bit overwhelmed with wanting to run around and not really understanding that the water was not only pretty cold, but went from shallow to deep rather quickly. We had a good time anyway, and then spent the afternoon playing poolside at home.  Jay and I ended the evening with big salads and The Aviator on IFC.  All in all, way less expensive than a real vacation with the comfort of being in our own bed by 10 pm!

And poolside!

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