Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Green with envy-just in time for St. Patrick's Day...

This is me, at my current weight, at the Celtics/Lakers game. 

My quest to lose forty pounds in this journey I've roped myself into has been a tad trying.  I've maintained my starting weight (not blabbing the numbers just yet) by sticking to the fat watchers eating program, which is okay since I have not gained, but the point is not to maintain. I need exercise and I need it now! This is easier said than done when you're the queen of excuses.  I can come up with any reason to not move it, move it! Last week I blamed the boys for running me ragged, and until today I was trapped in this fantasy world where I was imagining that my face was not as puffy as it is getting, and so I didn't need to work out.

Everything changed this morning though... I was half way through my fourth coffee (yeah, that probably isn't good) and had just tuned into the Dr.Oz show on Fox.  I usually don't watch this program, but he showing a woman who had given birth to a child three years ago and was still carrying around her post-baby weight of 196 pounds (I am not that weight, FYI) and was quite unhappy about it. In the recap, they showed her post pregnancy stomach, and I could totally relate. (I've posted the segment below should you be so inclined...) Seriously, for something that a lot of women do (have children, I mean) there is very little talk about the extra (gag) skin you carry around after giving birth. Maybe it's just me and the nut on Dr. Oz, I don't know, but I'm sure there's more of you out there who are having issues with this... ANYWAY... as usual, I digress... 

 After they showed the highlights from the original show, this girl came out on the show "today" with her new body and confidence. Now, this girl is not someone I'd love to go and have lattes with, but I liked the way she went about losing the weight, and when she said that she would drag the stationary bike out for half an hour, I was ashamed of myself. I dragged my stationary bike (okay, I'm lying, Jay dragged it) up from the basement 5 months ago, and tried to use it once and failed miserably. That shame paired with the terrible envy I was feeling about this girl losing forty one pounds in twelve weeks got me moving (jealous, moving, into that mode where I turn into a horrible green eyed monster-whatevs)! I dragged that dust covered state of the art, 1986 era exercise bike out of my bedroom, down the hall and parked it in front of the television. I put on "The Wonder Years" and killed two blog birds with one stone.  After twenty minutes I was about done (as was episode 3),and it was THRILLING to think that I had accomplished a task I'd been dreading for two weeks.  

Seeing that I was ten minutes shy of the thirty minutes I had wanted to spend working out, I, along with my mother, I packed the twins into their jogging stroller later in the afternoon and did a fifteen minute walk around the neighborhood!  Take that "I can't exercise excuses"!!  As the weather gets nicer out, I would like to alternate in house biking with fast walking with the stroller at the track on the other side of town... I realize too, that if I don't do it, and make excuses, I will have nothing to write about, and will forever be wishing away this weight, so that's a plus!!  

Here's to envy generated motivation!


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  1. You can do it, Marcella! You are an inspiration to me (saggy stomached - and no children to show for it). LOVE YOU!