Thursday, April 15, 2010

Busy, busy, busy.

Apparently following a schedule when it comes to writing and doing things that I set out to do for ME is just too much for me to handle (notice the gap between this entry and the last) so I am giving myself a little leeway.  

My diet so far, has been an adventure in maintaining the same amount of weight for three months.  I get on a roll, being the #1 Fat Watchers points follower, and then have a reoccurring bout of toast with butter and jelly for breakfast and lunch.  I've been lax with exercising as well, but to make up for it, I have been doing  yard work (raking, raking and more raking) and a lot of heavy lifting in the house.  I am moving all two of our bedrooms from the main floor to the two finished upstairs rooms. The idea is to have an actual office, and then a room for crafties and Jay's guitar things.  Luckily I've got a million boxes of crap piled in the two upstairs rooms that need to come down, so I will be moving things and myself much more in the next week.  After that I need a plan because seriously, this girl ain't getting slim *watching* Kirstie Alley sweat all over her at home Curves set up! Ah-gug-gug-gug!

Please bear with me though, I'll be posting review of Episodes three and four this week, and will be back with you shortly!

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