Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Worst blogger ever...

I am officially the worst blogger ever. I have not stuck with this at all.  I don't know if the time table is messing with me, or if my overload of daily toddler antics, husband working a ton, and lack of sleep have just rendered me lazy, but it's not good!

So, I do not have a Wonder Years recap for you, but what I do have is some grandstanding-yay, rejoice!  A few months back, after watching Food Inc., and having it seal the deal on how terrible the food we've been eating is, I decided to make a change. In the past I've poo-pooed the idea of organic foods, thinking that  they were things only hippies and rich people ate/purchased, but it's so worth the extra money and risk of turning into an unshaven, sandal wearing trust-funder!  Here in the great state of New Hampshire (damn-where is that sarcastic font when I need it!) there are a number of farms, and lucky for me (and my family), my brother in law works with a family farmer who just this past month sold us half of a "beefalo"-or a side of beef, also known around these parts as "The Cash Cow".  We've got enough amazing meat for the rest of the year, which is going to save on groceries and food-born illness meat from the grocery store.  I also limited the poultry to organic or all natural, anti-biotic free chicken. I have been trying to limit fruit and vegetables to only in season organic varieties. In the next month I am joining our local CSA, which is going to be fabulous! I've found a few stores that carry Organic canned and boxed goods (Ocean State Job Lots, which just opened near us carries a ton of USDA Organic pasta, broth, etc) and I've stocked up on them for later use.

    *I Will Not Become A Hippie!*                                                  

Anyway, it's exciting to know that I'm not going to be poisoning myself and my family with foods loaded with pesticides and crap (actual crap)-however, I want to make one point... (WARNING, THIS IS MY OPINION, BASED ON WHAT I'VE SEEN, NOT ANYTHING I'VE RESEARCHED OR STUDIED, JUST OBSERVATIONS)

We all think we're sooooooo smart, buying locally grown veg, and butchered meats and planting our own gardens, don't we? This is the way of the future, we think. Why haven't we been doing this ALL ALONG? Why did we not know about it?  WHY?  I'll tell you why-because for the past forty or fifty years everyone has had this attitude that "The past was so lame.  Why do we want to do anything our parents/grandparents did?".  Well, obviously they all had the right idea, we were all just too busy being "BRAND NAME" to notice. Why would I want to buy carrots from the local CSA when I can get a bag of El Monte's for way less?  Anyway, I  think that it's wonderful that people are starting to realize that the way things are are not the way they should be, but I also think we need to stop, and remember how things have gotten so out of control to begin with.

Whew-enough ranting for this girl...FYI:  weight loss status updates will coming on Thursday!

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