Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I've crossed the line...

Wow, I've really done it this time! I have finally crossed that line that turns a regular ol' Joe into a true "stay at home mom slob"...

That's right, I've started wearing pink fuzzy slippers.  All I need now is a poly moo-moo and a perm and I'll be set for life!  Seriously, these things are like wearing clouds on my feet, I may never take them off. Really though, if I wear these outside of the house, someone should harpoon me.

In other news, Mrs. Roper over here rejoined Fat Watchers. It's been a month and I am down 8.2 pounds.  I have .8 to go before I hit the 5% goal, and I am hoping to hit that this week.  It has been easy to stick to the program this time, and I have high hopes of not blowing it around the holiday season as I usually do.  I have been walking at the local track a few days a week with the boys in their sweet new stroller.   I do about a mile at a fast paced walk.  I have no interest in becoming a super walker or runner, I just want to get in shape, so this workout is perfect.  Of course when it gets too cold I will have to figure out a new plan, but so far so good!

More news, non fat related... I am getting my small tooth fixed! Again, not a huge thing in the general scheme of the world, but for about 5 years I have been quite self conscious about it.  Here's what it look like, in case you never noticed:

Oh, just kidding, that is that asshat, Mickey Rooney!

Here's the real thing:

It's the third tooth from the left.  It doesn't look super small in this photo, but it really is.

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  1. Good on you, woman...

    I hear ya on the small tooth thing. I liken myself to snagglepuss... I hate my small teeth - I look vampirish.


    Hello to you and the mister.